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Passwordless Authentication

Your password is a secret, or not? Let me guess. It’s your pets name or your name with a number combination? Okay, this time I will find it. It is your favorite teams name! Nevermind. I won’t spend my time with guessing. I will ask for it from a hacker because they already know your password. If not so, believe me they will learn it soon.

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Today's Problem and Difficulties

Simple passwords can be easily intercepted by hackers. Complex passwords are difficult to remember. Also complex passwords are usually noted somewhere, which creates the possibility of sharing passwords. When you reach the perfect password, you cannot use it for a long time because passwords must be changed periodically to ensure security. For these reasons, passwords are the main factor of security risk and it's difficult use.

AuthTake's Innovative Solutions

By eliminating passwords, AuthTake enables you to increase your security level and avoid password management problems with its fast and secure "Passwordless User Authentication" technology thanks to Public Key Encryption (PKC) and FIDO infrastructure. According to the FIDO operating mode, the login request is initiated from the device owned by the user. In the verification processes, FIDO requests biometric verification from the user according to the support of the mobile device. Thus, it eliminates the use of passwords. Also, even if your phone does not support FIDO, you can start enjoying passwordless authentication with AuthTake's Passwordless MFA.

The Main Factor of Security Risk: Passwords

It is obvious that passwords, which are easy to guess and stolen, are weak and vulnerable to cyberattacks. They DON’T provide strong security for confidential information. Besides, aren’t you tired of constantly writing down and trying to remember them? 

Let’s go passwordless today.

"There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords. People use the same password on different systems, they write them down and they just don't meet the challenge for anything you really want to secure."
- Bill Gates -

Discover the Speed and Security of Passwordless MFA

AuthTake Passwordless MFA, eliminates the security problems that come with passwords that are at high risk of being stolen. It provides users a better user experience by eliminating the need to remember and type passwords.

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Features that Authtake Passwordless MFA provides you to increase your account security.

Hybrid Operation

It offers hybrid operation through On-Prem and Cloud Active Directory support.


It offers a good user experience thanks to its fast login and easy integration. (Login time is 3 seconds on average)

Data Analytics

Through to its rule-based working structure, it provides the ability to set unit-based commissioning and access groups.


By initiating the user authentication process from mobile, attacks such as PUSH and MITM are prevented.

Offline Mode

Through to its offline mode, it enables access by using PIN in offline situations that are not connected to the system.


By eliminating passwords, it prevents problems such as being forgotten, noted down and shared.

How to Use AuthTake?

When it comes to protect your data, let There are several ways to use the AuthTake Passwordless MFA and they all are super easy to use.

Via Push Notification

The user can log into the system via push notification.

Via QR Code

The user can log into the system via the QR code.


The user can log into the system via OTP.

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