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Advanced Reporting

With AuthTake Advanced Reporting Feature you can control the actions your users perform on your system, also you can examine system errors in detail.

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Being The Administrator Is Your Job, Reporting Is Ours

As admin, it is part of your job to constantly check the system and keep it running. we know how intense this task can be. AuthTake developed the reporting feature to provide you with a better product experience and make your job easier.

You can control every movement in the system.

Leave Nothing Unknown

You can observe many information from the report such as;

   • From which IP address, the system is tried to be accessed

   • From which location the system was attempted to be entered

   • From which IP received the most entry requests

   • Whether AuthTake is active when the user logs into the system

   • At what time the user tried to log into the system

   • If user cannot login the system AuthTake prepare detailed explanation of why the user cannot log in, where the problem occurred

   • Which application the user entered