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On-Prem / Cloud

For using our systems, if you prefer, we can set up our product on your companies servers as on-prem or as a cloud in our servers.

 – Try 30 days for free.

 – Cancel anytime.

AuthTake's Cloud System

Our cloud system is always active and updated in many locations. In our cloud system your datas never be copied or shared with 3rd persons. Besides, in the cloud system we ensure the security for your data and we supply the cost of servers.

AuthTake Hybrid System, allows you to use On-Prem and Cloud systems together.

There is No Dilemma in AuthTake

In on-prem system you need to supply servers and back up servers, this can be extra cost for you. If you don’t want to work only on the Cloud, you can prefer our Hybrid model.

We always respect your choises and serve you how you wish.