MS / AD / Azure AD / Open LDAP

AuthTake secures your access to important informations in your corganizations identity directory service.

AuthTake product family is ready to meet all your needs.

Another privilege offered to you by the AuthTake family is to provide identity directory service integration that matches your preference with multiple identity directory service integrations. Support center has also been prepared as documents on how to make various integrations.

Your identity directory service is never copied. It is transferred to the destination with high security measures. In your cloud usage, your identity directory service is backed up on more than one server and you are served, possible server problems are prevented and any loss of your institutions and organizations is prevented.

Start using it today and meet the needs of the digital world.

After integrating the identity directory service you use with the AuthTake product family, you can privately authorize all the groups you use and the users in your groups, remove their authorization and change your preference whenever you want. With the identity directory service integration feature, you can add new users to the system, remove the ones you want and change your preference at any time. AuthTake does not just meet what you need, it gives you a unique user experience.

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