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Microsoft Exchange

Access to your e-mails is indispensable. With AuthTake you are able to access them from anywhere and anytime, securely.

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Change your old school privacy and security measures.

If you access your e-mails with a single password, the theft of this password can leave you in very difficult situations. We have developed multiple authentication methods to prevent this.

Security of only one password can’t provide in authentication methods so we added additional measures in addition to passwords or removed the use of the password. We have separated these methods according to your usage patterns and made the necessary integrations.

Meet the modern and innovative solutions by AuthTake

AuthTake Multi Factor Authentication product can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange. You can authenticate your mobile and/or desktop Microsoft Exchane usage by taking high security measures. AuthTake Passwordless MFA product has Microsoft OWA integration. With this integration, you can perform the authentication you have to make web access to your e-mails without a password. With passwordless access, you don’t need to keep different passwords in your mind for different accounts or cause security vulnerabilities by writing them down.

In addition to all these features, we support the ActiveSync and MAPI protocols, and we raise the security level with multi factor authentication (MFA) verification in mail setups to smart phones and computers.