Frictionless Customer Experience

We add all the necessary features to provide you with a seamless product experience, we do not fill our product with features that you do not need and will not use. In AuthTake you get what you need.

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A World Without Passwords Is Not a Dream Anymore.

Both AuthTake Passwordless MFA and AuthTake Passwordless Authentication have unique authentication features. Among these features, you can confirm the login received on your phone with the push feature by selecting the same letter shown on the screen of the application you want to login in the mobile application.

Solutions we have developed to provide a frictionless customer experience

Through the QR code reading feature in our mobile application, you can perform your identity verification by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen. With the biometric authentication feature, you can have your fingerprint read or face recognition. In addition, location and time verification is performed continuously on an interface that is not shown to you. This provides unlimited protection.

With AuthTake, it is not possible for your users and customers to have their accounts stolen or seized your confidential information while accessing your systems. Time and location verifications are set up and done the way you choose. Also, AuthTake always cares about users’ opinions and allows customization.

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