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Manage Personal Passwords

It is personal responsibility to ensure the security of personal passwords, but we provide all necessary security to reduce the burden of this responsibility.

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All The Difficulties Caused By Passwords Are Becoming History

We know how hard passwords are to remember and observe the results of taking notes these passwords down somewhere.

How can you ensure security in applications and systems where you have been forced to use your passwords? If you haven’t been able to get out of it, let us solve this problem for you.

We developed AuthTake PassBox to protect you from possible consequences and provide a great user experience. AuthTake PassBox stores your passwords outside of the devices you use, which ensures that you do not lose your account privacy if the devices you use are lost or stolen. It automatically fills your password for you when you need to authenticate. All you have to do is choose passwords that are not memorable but difficult to decipher.

AuthTake Has Plug-in to all Popular Browsers

AuthTake PassBox allows you to access your applications from browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari etc.) through to its extension to popular browsers. When you come to the application page, PassBox recognizes the application and automatically fills your password. If you prefer, you can send a notification to your AuthTake application on your phone, and if you consent to this notification, your username and password automatically filled and you can log into the system.