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Partner with AuthTake to deliver innovative technologies to the whole world with fast integration features.

Present Unique Authentication Experience To Your Customers

With AuthTake partnership, we enable system integrators and technology providers to offer their customers the best authentication solutions (multifactor authentication, passwordless authentication, single sign-on). Through to our working principles that support team spirit, we know the necessity of working together to achieve more. The AuthTake partnership model offers you the opportunity to increase your product portfolio.

Expand customer portfolio

Expand the sales network

Increase team spirit.

Increase Your Sales Network

The products of the AuthTake brand are produced with the aim of being sold in the global market.

With the AuthTake business partnership, you will have the opportunity to bring together the users in the global market with the products which are produced for the use of every individual who wants to ensure identity security in their accounts, regardless of age, gender and area of usage.

Our Partners

Riba Teknoloji

Çağdaş Sokak. İnşaatçılar Sitesi No; 26, K; 3, D; 9, Darüşşafaka Maslak, İstanbul

0544 121 20 20

0542 372 66 66

[email protected]

Intergraf Bilişim Teknolojileri

Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi 2120.Cad.MİRAGE Apt.No:21/3-4 ÇANKAYA/ANKARA

[email protected]

0312 999 87 77