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Computer Lock / Unlock

It allows you to lock your computer and log in via the AuthTake mobile application whenever you want.

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Today's Problem and Difficulties

Often times we leave without locking our computers for an urgent call or a job that suddenly comes to mind. Moreover, sometimes it is too late to come back to turn off our computer. Leaving computers with important files open in public environments can lead to serious security damages in just one minute. In addition, the time spent while logging in also creates a waste of time.

AuthTake's Innovative Solutions

AuthTake aims to prevent problems from occurring by allowing you to lock your computer with just one key wherever you are. It sends a notification to your phone when your computer is on for a long time, so you don't have to worry about turning off your computer during a busy and hectic day. Also it allows you to unlock very quickly without touching your computer via smart phone

Lock / Unlock Your Computer Anytime



Got an urgent job and forgot to lock your computer and had to leave the office? You no longer have to worry about leaving your computer or phone turned on.


AuthTake aim to reduce security problems by providing remote control of your workstation whenever  you want and wherever you are.


Some workstations automatically lock the session in 10-15 minutes, but keep in mind that this time is too long for a security breach.

Even a Single Minute Can Cost You a Lot!

Get notified when your computer stays on for a long time



Even if you don't realize you forgot your computer turned on, this is not a problem. AuthTake mobile application sends a notification to your smartphone when there is no operation in the system for a long time.


Moreover, you can personalize it by setting how long after the notification will come.


It also saves time by reducing the time spent accessing systems. All you need is just one click on AuthTake mobile app.

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