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What Should We Do If We Have To Use Passwords in Our Daily Life?

Have you ever seen models, footballers and businessperson whose accounts were stolen and their private images and correspondence shared? Of course you saw. It is impossible not to see them anymore. Users’ passwords are stolen and their accounts are accessed, and then their images are sold to magazine pages. The loss of reputation and the lynching campaign from the society are also included. We think that not using a password is the most effective solution, but many applications do not yet have a passwordless access infrastructure. That’s why we have to use our passwords and protect them. We need to create more complex passwords and protect them. Now that we choose what we should do, we can focus on how we do it. Although it is quite logical to choose long and complex passwords, it is very difficult to keep them in mind, and it is very risky to write them down, because this time other people can access our accounts more easily than before. In addition, even if we can solve these problems somehow, will we write the long and equally complex passwords we set for each account when we access the account over and over again? Let’s think about how many applications we access per day. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Pinterest, Tumblr, Skype .. There are many more applications that you can add. If we had an application that would solve the recurrent authentication and security problem and we put all our problems in it and got rid of them all.

Where Would We Store Our Belongings Without Boxes?

We wonder why cats play with boxes when they have such beautiful toys, as I read in an article, the reason is that they can control everywhere at the same time. So boxes are reassuring for cats. Weird and funny too. But don’t we build houses for ourselves with the same logic? Then do we not always use boxes when moving to these houses, organizing something, shopping or getting rid of excess? The reason is that the boxes give us confidence. We want to take back what we put into it as we put it. So our desire to preserve them. Well, if you could put your most precious secrets in a box, even if you knew that the box would keep all information forever and never share it with anyone else, would you do it? I would do it. I would put the passwords of all my accounts in it, and never bother remembering one again. And if I wrote and put in it I would set very long and complex passwords, it would be a great security measure for each account. But it’s impossible to do this with a real box, I can never take the risk of be stolen or lost. That’s why we provide this great solution with the AuthTake PassBox, not with a real box. 

AuthTake PassBox keeps all the passwords you use to access your personal accounts that you have to access using a password, you set passwords of the length and complexity you want, and automatically fills these passwords when you type your username. If you share your devices or have curious friends such as mine, we will send you a notification via our mobile application with the AuthTake MFA product before automatically filling your password when you access your accounts, and if you confirm this notification, your password will be automatically filled. Since your passwords are not stored on your device, if your device is stolen or lost, your passwords will not go with your device. If you say you need to try and look, let’s present our demo to you.