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Technology companies must be complete in the service they offer, especially in security. AuthTake comes into play here.

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Get stronger against cyber attacks.

AuthTake ensures that the technological solutions provided by your organization have a stronger cyber security infrastructure with its powerful access control and easy integration. Also, it creates a strong security barrier against cyber attacks such as phishing theft and unauthorized access to in-house applications. 

Increase efficiency in your organization.

It aims to minimize the risks of cyber attacks and unauthorized access by providing a frictionless user authentication service with MFA and Passwordless MFA solutions. In addition, with AuthTake SSO, users can safely access the application they want without having to enter a password over and over again, which will increase productivity and reduce time loss in institutions.

It is an inevitable fact that the systems provided by technology companies must have an infrastructure that is resistant to cyber attacks.

Did You Know?

The account information of more than 500.000 Zoom users of a digital cyber security company named Cyble was seized by cyber attackers and put up for sale on illegal sites.

Zoom prompted its users to update their passwords immediately, but this was not enough to prevent future problems.

Internet trolls leaking into personal conversations through hacked accounts and some security holes in Zoom led to a trend called ‘Zoom Bombing’.

Zoom Raid infiltrated online conversations of unauthorized persons and included insults and hate speech. It means sharing messages.