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The retail industry is one of the sectors with the largest market share. This means serving too many customers with too many employees.

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Step to the Next Level.

While you can access your accounts on devices such as laptops, tablets and phones used in your company, password and username cannot provide sufficient security. Especially in cases where these devices are open to common use, every user is obliged to log into the system repeatedly. When a user has more than one system to use and he has to set different passwords for each system, the situation becomes inextricable. Forgotten passwords, repeated authentications cause disruptions in your work order.

Changing users on common devices causes loss of time as well as decreasing customer satisfaction. The fact that more than one employee using a single market safe is operating in the saling with a single password leaves more than one person under suspicion for problems that may occur later. Passwords assigned to each individual for a single safe bring difficulties with it.

What can AuthTake integrate into?

• CRM products

• ERP products

• Cash payment systems

• To the website for online shopping

• With SDK to your own mobile applications

Don't Compromise on Security.

If you are an online seller, you could be exposed to cyber attacks. These attacks result in the theft of your customers personal information and credit card information. The stolen data will give the customer the feeling that purchases made from your website are unsafe.

With AuthTake MFA or AuthTake Passwordless MFA, increase the security of the methods your employees use to access your systems or offer a password-free access. Choose AuthTake SSO so that your users can access all the systems they use by performing a single authentication process throughout the day. Remember that Authtake products can work integrated with each other.