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AuthTake is all you need to access patient information, write prescriptions, and access the systems you log in to review patients’ medical imaging results.

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We take care of cyber security, you can continue to save lives!

Hospitals have always been places where we can entrust ourselves and feel safe. All healthcare professionals work to protect their patients from the risk of death. We had the chance to closely observe the endless war between viruses and healthcare professionals in 2020. What about other viruses, cyber-attacks… How can healthcare professionals protect their patients against them? At this point, they need help. AuthTake produces solutions to provide you this help.

WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Launched in 2017, WannaCry is considered the biggest and most widespread ransomware attack in history. It’s estimated to have crippled 200,000 computers in 150 countries, putting the world in a state of frenzy for four days. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK was most severely affected by this attack and is believed to have lost £92 million (almost $125 million in 2020 dollars). Cyence, a cyber risk modeling firm, assessed that the total loss caused by WannaCry was close to $4 billion.

Don't even lose a single minute.

You know better from everyone what could be happen in a wasted minute. You are working hard you cannot wait systems to open, you are in a hurry. You are busy you cannot keep all the passwords in your mind. You need to save time but how can you do that? Actually you don’t have to do it by yourself. We are here to save time to you.

 – Prevent undesired account theft while enjoying fast and secure access.

 – Prevent unwanted lawsuits by preventing theft of patient data

 – Prevent risking patients’ lives by stopping system attacks.

Don't waste your energy for nothing.

Passwords which are using to access systems are targets of cyber attacks. Passwords are literally the weak link in a chain. With Authtake MFA you can perform 3 or more stages of authentication to improve your safeteness, or you can stop using password with AuthTake passwordless MFA and increase the security of systems that you use.

With AuthTake SSO, you can access or block access all of your systems with a single authentication. You can avoid having to authenticate repeatedly throughout the day. We prevent you from spending your energy on problems that you can solve more easily, quickly and securely with AuthTake.