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Because of the world’s dependence on energy and people’s intolerance to energy cuts due to this dependency, hackers often target the energy sector to launch worldwide attacks

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The energy sector is a sector that works in multiple locations at the same time. This creates the need to connect to the office from the working environment with remote access. Your employees can connect to the office network with a secure connection wherever they are in the world.

Authtake prevents your data from being stolen. It does not allow distances to hinder your business. It eliminates the need to use a password to open your computer, regardless of whether there is an internet connection or not. ıt prevents Leaving your workstation open in your working environment  from being a problem.It allows you to lock your workstation whenever you want where ever you are.

The world has always been depending on energy, and the intensity of humanity to energy cuts will never change. Hackers who know this are making serious cyber attacks targeting the energy network.

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Use AuthTake  to avoid unauthorized access and attacks on your energy systems. Increase the security of your users during their system access with Authtake MFA. With Authtake Passwordless MFA, you can abondon password reset costs caused by password usage.