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Students and academics in educational institutions need access to information from everywhere.With Authtake, all your needs can be met in one product.

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Prevent distruptions in education.

Web application attacks accounted for roughly one quarter of breaches in the education vertical.

“This is mostly due to the frequent compromise of cloud-based mail services via phishing links to phony login pages. So, if you use such a service 24/7/…365 you might want to consider tighting up your password security.” -Verizon

Let your employees and students log in to the systems smoothly and securely.

Experience AuthTake MFA or AuthTake Passwordless MFA in your institution to give your students and staff a frictionless login experience. AuthTake protects your data from any type of attacts by its special features. Let your employees and students reset and change their passwords themselves with AuthTake Passkiosk. With Authtake SSO, your users can access their favorite applications on a single screen quickly and reliably with a single authentication. You can integrate all your users into our system within minutes. (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.) Reduce password usage, AuthTake will do the rest.

Paswordless Easy Integration

Authtake can easily integrate into your systems as well as provide integration with its own product family. Thanks to the AuthTake passwordless MFA and AuthTake SSO, you can access your systems without a password, and you can access all your systems with a single login without repeating your authentication process.

Protection For All Your Apps

You can add your apps for integration with AuthTake. You can protect all your data inside the applications that you have. We support all popular applications. If you like to add any extra apps we can do that with API integrations. You have nothing else to worry about except getting used to this easiness.

Login/Logout From Anywhere

We are here to provide you whatever you need and wherever you are. Imagine you are prapering important document and you forget the locking your computer. This problem can not be acceptable in 21st century. You can lock and unlock your devices from everywhere on the world from anytime.