Monsters, Heros and Humans.. We All Share The Same World


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If you are robbed in one of the back streets, the person you want to call will be a police, but the person you want to come with you will be a superhero. Even though real-world superheroes want to help you in these kinds of events, they can’t risk exposing their identities. No no don’t tell me superheroes aren’t real because I don’t believe you, they’re just trying to hide their identities. As Batman chases the Joker somewhere, Spider Man learns to use the new costume Iron Man has gifted. Do not ask how I know them and do not share them with anyone, because then it turns out that I am one of those superheroes. My difference from other superheroes is that I do not allow bad guys in the digital world, but in the real world, and do my best to make sure the good people win. I am one of the AuthTake product developers.

Do Not Against The Change But Towards The Change

With the digital transformation, our lives, friendships, relationships and jobs are all in the digital world. That’s why the villains of the reel world have also switched to the digital world. It is now more difficult to have your wallet stolen in one of the back streets than your credit card information is stolen from an online shopping site. Or your account passwords are more likely to be stolen than the chance of a burglar getting into your home.

Our World Is Now Digital World!

We cannot refuse this while the bad people have started to understand this and develop themselves accordingly. As I said, my superpower is protecting the good from the bad. Therefore, I would like to tell you about the AuthTake products that I took part in the production and debugging processes and designed to work within the framework of ethical rules. AuthTake product family offers you a unique authentication service. AuthTake MFA and AuthTake Passwordless MFA allow you to perform your authentication operations either for corporate or individual use. AuthTake Passkiosk allows you to reset your corporate passwords by reducing your help desk costs by 30%. With the AuthTake PassBox, you can store your personally used passwords, generate automatic passwords, and then automatically fill these passwords in the form of your username and password when accessing the application. With AuthTake Remote Workstation Lock / UnLock, you can get rid of the worry of whether my computer is locked or turned on. You can lock or unlock your workstation remotely.

Be Part of the Change, Live in the Future!

Also, finally, your superhero goes to your office for you and completes your daily chores for you. Makes your career planning. Neither stress nor worry is left to you, but to watch your rise on your vacation in Miami. Of course, these are a bit of an exaggeration, but you don’t need to do it anyway, you make the right choices for both yourself and your employees. For example, you have started the journey to meet the AuthTake product family. You can’t try any security guard or protection for one month free, but AuthTake gives you a one-month free trial of our Premium package. Do your one-month free trial for the number of users you want without giving any credit card information, and then you will not want to return to the old insecure world.

With AuthTake products, your superhero can be with you wherever, whenever and in whatever way you want, also without having to hide identity! Remember, superheroes like me have to hide themselves but not AuthTake. Villains have to hide from AuthTake.