A Life Without a Password is No More a Dream

Koray Yılmaz

Writer & Blogger

If you are one of those who think that a life without a password is possible only in the distant future, you do not have to wait for such a distant future anymore. The foundations of life without a password have been laid in recent years. We can guess what awaits us in life without a password, but what we know for sure is what is not awaits us. Brute force attacks, passwords that can be stolen, password resets, password combinations that are tried to be accepted by the system while creating the password, passwords that have to be remembered… These are not waiting for us anymore, but the day when they will become history.

We Take High Security Measures

In order for all these difficulties and attacks to become a thing of the past, we need innovative and easy solutions that will replace passwords and enable us to perform our authentication procedures. Those of you who watch V For Vendetta will remember the line “I know something that everyone in the world would want, freedom”. These solutions should give us freedom, but only we should be able to benefit from this freedom. We must be able to exclude malicious people. For this, we need very high security measures. The most basic security measure used in passwordless authentication products is biometric authentication. Even standards have been developed in this regard. FIDO Alliance has created the necessary protocols and standards and made them available to us. Since the standardized biometric verification methods only ask the information that the user can provide, it is almost impossible to be stolen or imitated. As another security measure, time verification is used, in which users can access their accounts at times determined by the admin, which prevents attacks that may occur when the system is most vulnerable or when no one notices the attack. Another measure is location verification. It ensures that institutions or organizations are not attacked from a region other than the regions where they serve. In addition to these three security measures, a matching letter, number or any confirmation button is clicked on the application we want to access with the push notifications feature and on the mobile application of the software we use to secure the access. In addition, in the pandemic process, QR Code scanning, which we can see everywhere from food menus to shopping materials, can be used for identity verification. In addition, risk analysis methods allow access by evaluating whether the person who wants to access the system is an authorized person, even if the access data is correct. Now that we ensure our security, convenience comes next.

We Provide Easy Usage and Support

Ease of use is very important for all people working in an institution or organization to be able to use the same product. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to meet on common ground. Authtake Passwordless MFA is presented to the user with all these features and the highest possible ease of use. This product has been specially prepared for corporate use, all kinds of problems that may occur in the institution have been considered and solutions have been produced accordingly. If you are not a corporate employee and you want to provide the best for your accounts in the most practical way, you do not have to worry. AuthTake Passwordless Authentication has been specially prepared to offer all security measures and ease of use to our individual users. Considering that there is no IT team that can support the user, additional support, usage and problem solving guides have been created that you may need. In AuthTake, the first priority is always to meet all the needs of the user in the most effective way and during this time make sure the user does not encounter any problems.