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5 Reasons To Start Using AuthTake Today

What are you doing to add value to your company? Have you started keeping up with the digital transformation? If I buy your product, how long will it take to access your systems? What is your action plan to minimize the office hour losses of your employees?

These are questions you often hear from your customers, business partners, and investors. We thought there were questions you might want to ask, too. We have listed 5 reasons to choose the AuthTake brand that will offer you identity verification solutions to keep up with the digitalizing era, to provide the fastest service to your customers, to minimize the loss of your employees’ office hour, in short, to add value to your company’s value.

Always Protects You

Regardless of the method you want to use to access your accounts, AuthTake offers you all the security you need. If you want to access with password, AuthTake MFA will provide you with the security you need, if you want to access without password AuthTake Passwordless MFA. We have provided you with password and passwordless product options, as well as alternatives that you will use to access, so you can access your accounts with biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint, face recognition, OTP or QR code scanning. Regardless of which of these you choose, time and location verification is carried out continuously for you in the background, while ensuring your safety, we provide the necessary facilities by thinking about you.

Always Technical Support

Documents prepared by compiling the questions from AuthTake technical service experts and offering you all the technical support you may need are available in our support center. Here, you can find a solution very quickly by searching your question, as well as how you can make various integrations with AuthTake in detail. Our contact information is available on our page where you can ask your more detailed questions. We use the ticket system to provide your problem solutions faster and more effectively. The response times determined according to the package you receive vary between 1 hour and 1 day. At AuthTake, our priority is to prevent your business from interruptions and to provide you with clear information in problem solutions to provide you with the fastest solution. Our goal is to offer you not only the best product but also the best technical support.

Always Customer Support

AuthTake Customer Support is with you whenever you need support, from product selection to package selection, from payment details to package upgrade / downgrade selections. You can reach our Customer Support team by calling us and you can ask your questions. On our frequently asked questions page, we wanted to clarify the issues that we think you may be curious about. You can also review this page if you wish.

We Always Listen To You

We always attach importance to user comments and make our product improvements in the light of these comments. Our goal is to give our users exactly what they want. Thanks to our users who are not content with less but always looking for more, our product developments continue without slowing down. We are always open to your comments and suggestions. Problems you experience and product reviews are valuable at AuthTake.

Always Easy To Use And Easy To Integrate

‘If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you probably don’t understand it yourself. ‘ someone says this words belong to the Albert Einstein and someone says they are not. This is another topic to discuss but it doesn’t matter to whom they belong because the meaning is true. In order not to contradict this idea, we designed our product in accordance with the different technical knowledge levels of people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. Based on this idea, we have prepared detailed information on product usage and technical issues presented to you. Our goal is to avoid any difficulties in using the product and to provide the user with a great user experience.