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2 Things You Need for a Peaceful Life

Psychologists and psychiatrists publish a variety of things to do in order to have a peaceful life. In the books written on this subject, we are advised to seek peace within ourselves or to create our own peace of mind. A lot of advice is given in articles that describe how to deal with our problems. My roommate at college, who devoted a great deal of time to self-help books, interviews and films, would scream of joy whenever she learned a new method, this time I would find the solution. With many of the solutions she tried, she was finally able to choose the solutions that worked the most. If you have a lot of time and energy and you are not spending money, it is good to try many solutions and find the best ones. What if we have limited time and a chance of financial loss? In this case, it is useful to proceed more surely and turn to channels that you think will definitely work.

It is the best way to identify and focus on two solutions so that you can identify the problem that worries you the most and cause you sleep terror and finally choose one of these solutions. In this way, you can sort your problems from the most important to the least important, handle them in small parts and reach solutions.

For example, let’s assume that your most important need is to ensure your security, you can think of AuthTake Multi Factor Authnetication and AuthTake Passwordless MFA as two solution suggestions and choose one. You can decide which one to choose by considering whether you want to secure your security with or without a password. I will describe both to make this choice easier for you. The right to choose always belongs to you.

Increase User Authentication Factors

It proves that the basic user on which the technology used in AuthTake Multi Factor Authentication is based is the person she/he said while accessing corporate accounts. Usage of username and password is not enough for this proof. Therefore, with 2 or more additional security measures, it is ensured that users can be distinguished from malicious people while authenticating and that malicious people cannot access system data. Authentication methods used include biometric authentication, authentication with OTP, password authentication, push notifications and QR code verification. Among these methods, you can choose any additional security measure you want in addition to the password. In addition, time and location verification is done continuously.

The Security of a Passwordless Life

In AuthTake Passwordless MFA, the problems arising from the nature of passwords are eliminated while aiming the same situation. For example, problems that cause loss of time and cost such as forgetting, stolen or resetting passwords are avoided. All you have to do is to provide a seamless user authentication method to your employees, business partners and customers. Authentication methods used include biometric verification, push notifications, and verification with QR code. In addition, time and location verification is constantly performed.

Identity theft, account theft, corporate-wide cyber attacks and attacks aimed at gaining political or financial gain, ranging from corporate-wide attacks to governments, have pushed us to release AuthTake products and stand against cyber attacks. In order to achieve this, we remove passwords, which are the number one factor of security vulnerability, from our lives, if we cannot remove them, we carry them to the highest level of security. Meet the AuthTake product family to protect yourself, your customers and / or business partners against cyber attacks.