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Geçmişten Günümüze Parolaların Evrim Süreci

Have you ever thought about the history of passwords and the reasons for their creation? As mentioned in the name of passwords, ‘pass’ and ‘word’ are secret words that only some people use to do a job known to them or to enter somewhere. These words were so useful that they survived until today.

In our digitalizing world, we started to use passwords to ensure the security of our accounts. Our for decades passwords have become our most trusted friends. Later, we saw that passwords evolved into secrets that more than one person knew or could learn at any moment, just like the old primitive forms. At this very moment, 2FA was developed. The goal was to keep our passwords secret, to prevent third parties from accessing our accounts only with passwords, even if we could not keep them secret. For example, banks preferred to do this with OTP (One Time Password) for a long time. Knowing the password in our mobile banking transactions was not enough for us to enter our account, and we also had to enter the password sent to us into the system. For identity thieves, this has been an incredible blow. We thought that there was nothing they could do to steal our accounts anymore, until we learned that the SMSs sent to us could be captured by spyware that can be installed on our phones or by tracking them on the networks we are on. However, we have seen that we can no longer trust the OTP as a result of financial losses that we faced. We realized that we cannot perform the identity verification process with a code or an e-mail sent to us. None of these methods could secure our identity and could be stolen. The only thing that could not be stolen was our selves. 

Our unique face and fingerprint could save us from this problem. So with the developed MFA, we now authenticate with fingerprint and face recognition. Time and location verification features have been added to improve and perfect MFA. We started to do all our transactions with MFA. It is one of the most used authentication methods today. But human beings have always wanted to be able to find the better and do it more easily. This is the source of all technological developments today. 

Humanity’s search for more has led to the beginning of the belief that the MFA still does not provide enough secure validation. I’m sure you asked why such a perfect system was not considered sufficient. The answer is that; The passwords used in MFA are still the weakest link in the chain. When the password is stolen, it opens the way to pass other security steps. Long and complex passwords that are created to prevent theft of passwords, however important they are for our security, do not offer us the convenience we seek because they are very difficult to remember. Writing long and complex passwords somewhere is the worst move we can do. If you think the problem will be solved once we find the password that is perfectly difficult and memorable, there is something we should tell you; passwords have to be changed after a certain period of time. The reason is still the same. The risk of our passwords being learned or seized by hackers. In addition, we have to set a separate password for each account, otherwise, capturing an account’s password means capturing all other accounts. We haven’t even begun to talk about the costs required to reset our passwords when we forget them.

If you say, all right this is sufficiently overwhelming, we think the same. We are overwhelmed with all this burden. Why not we use the best, easiest, safest and latest solution? Since we could not find an answer to this question, we started using the best, easiest, safest and latest solution and made it available all over the world. What are we talking about? Of course, we are talking about passwordless authentication. Passwordless authentication is the latest system that offers the most reliable and easiest service to its users.

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