Parolasız Kimlik Doğrulama Nedir ve Size Ne Sağlar?

Although passwords have been tools used for a long time to log in, they have become more vulnerable to increasing cyber attacks due to their speed and variety. Even if users use very strong and complex passwords, they cannot eliminate the risk of being subjected to a cyber attack. Passwords are easily stolen and are […]

Huzurlu Bir Yaşam İçin İhtiyacınız Olan 2 Şey

Psychologists and psychiatrists publish a variety of things to do in order to have a peaceful life. In the books written on this subject, we are advised to seek peace within ourselves or to create our own peace of mind. A lot of advice is given in articles that describe how to deal with our […]

Geçmişten Günümüze Parolaların Evrim Süreci

Have you ever thought about the history of passwords and the reasons for their creation? As mentioned in the name of passwords, ‘pass’ and ‘word’ are secret words that only some people use to do a job known to them or to enter somewhere. These words were so useful that they survived until today. In […]