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Don’t Be Weak Against The Wolves of The Cyber Threat World

Do you know the story of the three little pigs? This was one of my favorite fairy tales when I was little. If you remember, the 3 little pigs in this tale are sent to the forest by their mother to set up their own future.

In order to live in the forest, they need to build sheltered houses, so all three start building their houses. The youngest build a house out of straw. The middle brother begins to build a house out of sticks. The biggest ones work all day to make their houses out of bricks and set up beautiful fireplace. Seeing the pigs, the evil wolf comes to eat them, but the pigs flee to their home. Seeing the house of straw, the wolf laughed and said, “Little pig, little pig, let me come in.” Little pig responds with “No, no, by the hair on my chinny chin chin.” And the wolf says “Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in” and he tears down the house. He eats the little pig. He also manages to destroy the house of the middle pig and eats it too. When he goes to the big pig’s house, he cannot demolish the house made of bricks no matter how much he blows. He decides to enter the house through the chimney of the fireplace and is scalded in the water above the burning fire.

Produce Permanent, Effective And Sufficient Solutions

When I read it again now, I cannot say that it is a fairy tale for children, but it is very clear that it is impressive and true because it is necessary to put effort into the work and do the best that can be done. Any problem that is tried to be solved quickly and sloppy brings with it another problem. Here too, the small and medium pigs were looking for the fastest solution. We know it’s wrong for the smallest piglet to build his house out of straw, but don’t we know that it’s wrong for companies to use only usernames and passwords to protect their data? Or the company executives do not know? Account access using only password and username are fast and inadequate solutions to the problem. Almost everyone knows this now and they use 2FA as a security measure, but we need to know that the security method, which consists of a password, is just like the little piglet makes his house with straw. On the other hand 2FA is just like the middle brother makes his house with sticks. It is not easy to break into but cannot stand against a determined and hungry wolf. Today, we see many examples of data breaches due to the inadequacy of 2FA.

There Is Not a Single Wolf Out There, There Are Thousands!

According to Gartner, “Business email compromise attacks increased by nearly 100% in 2019 and resulted in substantial financial losses in some cases.” These serious numbers show that 2FA is not enough for account access anymore, we have to build our houses out of bricks. Because now either the wolf will destroy us or we will destroy it. Of course I’m not talking about a real wolf. What I’m talking about is worse. I’m talking about hackers. They work day and night, act as a team, use the data they capture for very different purposes, never get tired, never bored and get hungry. These people are acting quite consistently and successfully in their fields, that we encounter new data breach news every day. Financial losses are also mentioned in data breaches. It is obvious that we have difficulty counting the zeros in these news. What is the likelihood that your company will one day in one of these news? Have you thought about it? Or does this seem impossible to you? I am sure it seems impossible for the companies whose names are mentioned in the news because the companies mentioned are very big. For example, you have heard of the American company Wawa. In January 2020, online sales information of 30 million Americans were leaked and their card information was offered for sale on the darkweb for $ 17. Isn’t it a fairly low sum. A fee that anyone can afford. In February 2020, 1.26 million Danish citizens’ ID numbers were disclosed, while cosmetics giant Estée Lauder stated that 440 million internal records were leaked, including internal e-mails, due to middleware security errors. When you look month by month, you can see tens of thousands of data breach information from January 2020 to May 2021. So, what precautions should we take against these hackers, who never stop, rest and never get enough?

Let AuthTake Product Family Take The Necessary Precautions For You

AuthTake Passwordless MFA provides users with maximum security. Choosing the AuthTake product family is like building your house out of brick, as in the three little pigs fairy tales. I can summarize how we protect you as follows; While you can access your accounts very easily and quickly, hackers cannot access them in the same way. Since we eliminate the use of passwords while accessing your accounts, we have developed different solutions. With FIDO / WebAuthn support, you can access your accounts with biometrics, with QR code and push notifications. If you wish, you can also use the tokens we support such as Yubico and Feitian. Imagine a door with your fingerprint that only you can open. AuthTake offers you that. As told in the tale, not every door is strong enough, but AuthTake’s doors are built with special policies.

AuthTake Product Family Built With Our Policies

The time and location policy allows users to access their accounts from locations and time intervals determined by the institution. A request to log into the account of a staff member in the United States from Switzerland at 03:00 am is rejected without the knowledge of the user. Or, IPs trying to gain access to corporate accounts with black list and white lists are categorized and no requests can be made to the system from the IPs that have been blacklisted.

Give Up Any Product That Is Not Easy To Use

After taking all the safety precautions, ease of use is next. Thanks to the general and group policies of AuthTake, authorization assignments and cancellation of the assigned authorizations are performed very quickly. It provides all the information that the detailed reporting and log listing step may need. It has a user-based bypass feature so that users can continue access to the system in case they do not have their mobile devices or tokens with them. In this way, the admin can bypass the user’s system for a specified period, not the entire system.

Some tales are intended for children and some for adults, but the common goal of all is to teach about a topic. Some explain the importance of friendship, some hard work, others the importance of foresight Regardless of our age, if there is a situation where lessons can be learned, we should take lessons. This may be in a fairy tale we read, it may also be the cost of password related data breaches we see in the news. Take action and consider a solution today to avoid creating an incentive for hungry and stubborn wolves. Would you like to start considering with one month free trial of AuthTake?