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AuthTake provides the best security service for banks, retirements, insurances, exchanges and investment consultancy organizations protecting their data with high security measures.

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While protecting your data with high security measures, introduce your employees to ease of use.

Passwords are our main problem specially on mobile devices. Get rid of the problems caused by forgotten or shared passwords with AuthTake Passwordles MFA or AuthTake MFA.

Give your customers a great user experience who complain about the frequency of password reset times. Lower your help desk costs with our self service password reset product – PassBox.

With Authtake SSO, allow your users to access systems with a single authentication without re-authentication for a period of time you specify.

Your customers can safely benefit from your mobile banking services 24/7, 365 days a year, as your systems cannot be destroyed as a result of cyber attacks.

You prevent lawsuits that may arise as a result of the theft of your customers' account information.

The solutions we have developed ensure that your customers investments remain secure and prevent your customers data from being stolen by third parties.

How does AuthTake complete It's duties?

Choose AuthTake to protect your customers from being directed to pages that do not belong to your organization and sharing their confidential information from malicious people.


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