Monsters, Heros and Humans.. We All Share The Same World

If you are robbed in one of the back streets, the person you want to call will be a police, but the person you want to come with you will be a superhero. Even though real-world superheroes want to help you in these kinds of events, they can’t risk exposing their identities. No no don’t […]

2 Things You Need for a Peaceful Life

Psychologists and psychiatrists publish a variety of things to do in order to have a peaceful life. In the books written on this subject, we are advised to seek peace within ourselves or to create our own peace of mind. A lot of advice is given in articles that describe how to deal with our […]

A Life Without a Password is No More a Dream

If you are one of those who think that a life without a password is possible only in the distant future, you do not have to wait for such a distant future anymore. The foundations of life without a password have been laid in recent years. We can guess what awaits us in life without […]

Don’t Let Working Remotely Turn Your Life Into Hell

I must warn you, the story you are going to read contains as much horror as the Stephen King books. A friend of mine got a job during the pandemic. He thought it was a great opportunity because the company he started with was his dream company and he was afraid to make a mistake. […]

What Should We Do If We Have To Use Passwords in Our Daily Life?

Have you ever seen models, footballers and businessperson whose accounts were stolen and their private images and correspondence shared? Of course you saw. It is impossible not to see them anymore. Users’ passwords are stolen and their accounts are accessed, and then their images are sold to magazine pages. The loss of reputation and the […]

The Evolution Process of Passwords From Past to Today

Have you ever thought about the history of passwords and the reasons for their creation? As mentioned in the name of passwords, ‘pass’ and ‘word’ are secret words that only some people use to do a job known to them or to enter somewhere. These words were so useful that they survived until today. In […]

5 Reasons To Start Using AuthTake Today

What are you doing to add value to your company? Have you started keeping up with the digital transformation? If I buy your product, how long will it take to access your systems? What is your action plan to minimize the office hour losses of your employees? These are questions you often hear from your […]